Celtic Window Welsh Dragon Mug

■Made of New Bone China, which is a highly durable and elegant material that is also chip-resistant, this mug is perfect for daily use and is sure to last for many years to come.
■The Celtic knots on this mug are intricate and detailed, adding a touch of elegance and beauty to the overall design. These knots are made of interlacing lines and loops that create a continuous pattern, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all things.
■The Welsh dragon design on this mug is a striking and iconic symbol of Welsh culture and tradition. In Welsh mythology, the dragon was a powerful and mythical creature that represented strength, courage, and power.
■With a capacity of approx. 14 fl oz, the Welsh Dragon Mug is the perfect size for enjoying your favorite hot beverage, whether it's tea, coffee, or hot chocolate

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Our Welsh Dragon Mug is a beautifully designed mug that pays tribute to the rich traditions of Wales. Featuring a striking Welsh dragon design and intricate Celtic Knot details , this mug is a stunning piece that is sure to catch the eye. The use of these traditional motifs creates a unique and captivating design that captures the essence of Wales.
Made of New Bone China, this mug is highly durable and elegant , perfect for daily use. Not only is it chip-resistant, but it also boasts a delicate and refined appearance that adds a touch of sophistication to any table setting. The use of this material ensures that this mug is a long-lasting piece that will be enjoyed for many years to come.
With a capacity of approx. 14 fl oz (400 ml), the mug is the perfect size for enjoying your favorite hot or cold beverage. Whether you prefer a comforting cup of tea, a rich and indulgent hot chocolate, or a bold and flavorful coffee, this mug has ample space to hold your drink and keep it warm.