Celtic Triquetra Designed Wall Hanging - Antique Finish

■Our Celtic wall decoration is finely crafted out of mild steel and has a 0.06’’ thickness, making it lightweight and easy to hang. It features an Antique Brass Finish for a sophisticated and vintage appearance

■This round-shaped hang has a Trinity Knot design and Celtic detailing combining culture with style. The Trinity Knot is one of the oldest Celtic knots and symbolizes the Holy Trinity.

■With dimensions of 12’’ in diameter, this piece is the perfect adornment for any wall. It comes in a beautiful presentation box, making it a great gift for any occasion

■For the best results, dust this mild steel wall hang from time to time. Avoid cleaning it with abrasive clothes - use a soft cloth instead.

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Celebrate your heritage with our Exclusively Irish Trinity knot round-shaped wall hang. Crafted out of mild steel with fine attention to detail, this door decoration is lightweight and easy to hang, as well as shiny and eye-catching - it won’t go unnoticed. For the best results, dust it from time to time.

This round-shaped wall hang is artistically inspired by the Celtic culture, featuring a Trinity Knot or Triquetra and a richly detailed Celtic pattern. An unending knot that cannot be untied, the Trinity Knot is one of the oldest Celtic knots and has a rich palette of meanings: it symbolizes never-ending love, faith, and commitment, the Triple Goddess in neo-paganism (the Mother, Maiden, and Crone) and the Holy Trinity in Christianity. This cultural decorative piece will add a mystic air to any room in your home.