Celtic Triquetra Designed Wall Hanging - Black Matt

■Crafted from 100% durable mild steel, this Celtic wall hang boasts sturdiness and rust resistance, complemented by a qualitative black matt finish for enduring elegance in any home.
■Featuring a captivating Celtic triquetra design, each wall hang is a symbol of interconnectedness and spiritual unity, adding cultural depth to your living space.
■With dimensions of 12 inches in diameter and 0.06 inches in thickness, this wall hang will fit seamlessly on any wall, shelf, or space you desire. Easy to install.
■Ideal as a Celtic-inspired addition to your home or a thoughtful gift for housewarmings and family gatherings, our wall hang has profound Celtic symbolism and timeless appeal.

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Our Celtic Triquetra Designed Wall Hanging - Black Matt is an exquisite blend of durability, cultural symbolism, and aesthetic allure! Crafted from 100% resilient mild steel, this wall hang is sturdy and rust-resistant while also boasting a qualitative black matte finish, ensuring it becomes a lasting and elegant addition to any home.
The captivating Celtic triquetra design takes center stage, symbolizing interconnectedness and spiritual unity. The triquetra represents the phases of life: youth, adulthood, and old age, while also symbolizing the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, a symbol for family generations. This piece is more than a mere decoration; it carries profound cultural depth, adding a touch of mystique and meaning to your living space.
Measuring an impressive 12 inches in diameter and with a thickness of 0.06 inches, these wall hangings seamlessly grace any wall, shelf, or space in your home. The installation process is effortless, allowing you to showcase this piece of Celtic charm with ease.
Beyond its visual appeal, our decoration brings cultural essence to your home, ensuring admiring glances from anyone who sets eyes upon this timeless symbol of unity and spirituality.