Celtic Tree of Life Wall Hanging- Antique Finish

■Crafted from 0.06" thick mild steel, this gorgeous wall hanging decoration is built to last. Besides, it features an antique brass finish that gives it a sophisticated aged look.

■The design showcases a Tree of Life symbol encircled by Celtic spirals. The Tree of Life represents the cycle of birth, growth, and death, while the Celtic spiral represents continuity.

■The decoration has a diameter of 12" and you can place it anywhere in your house to add some Celtic charm to your decor. It comes packaged in a lovely box, so it can also be offered as a gift.

■Regularly dusting off your decoration is crucial in order to maintain its appearance over time and prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris, which can negatively impact its overall look.

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Add a hint of old Celtic charm to your home with the beautiful Exclusively Irish Tree of life round-shaped wall hang. Meticulously crafted from 0.06" thick mild steel and finished with antique brass, this wall-hanging decor is designed to be enduring and will undoubtedly bring a timeless charm to any room it adorns.

This wall-hanging decoration features a unique design depicting a Tree of Life symbol encircled by Celtic spirals. The Celtic Tree of Life is a symbolic tree with branches that reach up to the sky and roots that are grounded in the underworld. It represents the cycles of birth, growth, and death that are present in nature, while the Celtic spirals represent growth. With its unique and intricate design, this decor piece will surely bring vibrancy to your space!