Celtic Tree of Life Rope Wall Plaque

■This plaque is beautifully made out of Bone China, a strong and durable material that is heat-resistant, chip-resistant, and extremely gorgeous. Bone China is considered a high-class porcelain 
■The presence of The Tree of Life design couldn't be missed in this representative Celtic piece of art. The Tree of Life is sacred in Celtic culture, symbolizing the three stages of life: birth, death, and reincarnation. The green rope is bordering the round plaque at his edges.
■Made in Ireland, designed to adorn the walls of any home of a proud keeper of Irish culture. Located in Galway, Royal Tara has designed and produced this cultural wall plaque 
■This charming Tree of Life decorative piece has a diameter of 7 inches, the perfect size to be noticed and admired on the wall of your house, and for the best results, dust this wall plaque regularly. 

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Promote your culture and show your deep Celtic roots to everyone with our Tree of Life wall plaque. The Tree of Life is covering the whole plaque, surrounded by a beautiful blue braided pattern. Believed to be a symbol of longevity, wisdom, and strength, The Tree of life has captured many meanings over time: a sacred tree representing the eternal cycle of nature and also the stages of life as birth, death, and reincarnation in another life. At the very edges, the plaque has attached a green rope, also representing agricultural fertility as well as prosperity. The plaque has a diameter of 7 inches. This wall plaque is beautifully made of Bone China, which is a strong and durable ceramic, a high-class porcelain heat and chip resistant. It has been designed and created in Ireland by Royal Tara.

A unique gift, directly from Ireland, this piece is made to remember the Celtic heritage and culture.