Celtic Peacock Ceramic Rope Plaque

■Our celtic rope plaque combines artistry with functionality. Crafted from 100% ceramic with a cork backing, it ensures durability and can be easily displayed without worrying about damage to surfaces. 
■The colorful peacock design on this plaque is a tribute to ancient Celtic art, where the peacock symbolized immortality and was associated with the gift of foresight due to the intricate 'eyes' in its tail. This plaque embodies the rich symbolism and mystique of Celtic culture. 
■Intricate Celtic knotwork patterns surround the vibrant peacock, adding a touch of intricacy and tradition to the design. This knotwork showcases the deep-rooted heritage of Celtic art and adds a layer of visual artistry to the plaque. 
■With a 6" diameter, this plaque is the perfect size to grace your walls with its beauty. The rope attached for hanging ensures easy placement and adds to the rustic charm of the piece, making it a delightful addition to your decor 

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Discover the enchanting beauty and cultural depth of our Celtic Peacock Ceramic Rope Plaque, a mesmerizing fusion of art, symbolism, and functionality. Crafted from 100% high-quality ceramic and featuring a cork backing, this plaque not only captivates the eye but also ensures durability and protection for the surfaces it adorns.
The centerpiece of this plaque is the resplendent peacock, a symbol of immortality in ancient Celtic art. The peacock's elaborate tail, adorned with mesmerizing 'eyes,' was believed to grant the bird the gift of foresight, adding an intriguing layer of mystique to the design. This plaque pays homage to the rich heritage and symbolism of Celtic culture.
Surrounding the majestic peacock, intricate Celtic knotwork patterns add depth and elegance to the design. These knots, with their endless loops and symbolism of interconnectedness, evoke the timeless allure of Celtic art.
Measuring 6 inches in diameter, this plaque is the ideal size for adorning your walls with its beauty. It also features a rope for easy hanging, enhancing the rustic charm of the piece and making it a convenient addition to your decor.