Celtic Novelty Pattern Bed Runner

■ Top Quality Bed Runner, made in Ireland, of acrylic and wool blend, which is very soft to touch, warm, but breathable for the ultimate comfort, just perfect for the cold season

■ Unique Celtic Design, depicting the Novelty Celtic Knot, a shield knot that symbolizes protection and warding off illness and bad omens

■ Bed Runner available in 2 colorsȘ Navy & Gray and 2 sizes: King Bed & Queen Bed

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Decorate your bedroom with Celtic spirit and cherish your heritage with our Celtic Novelty Pattern Bed Runner. Our top quality bed runner is made in Ireland, out of a wool and acrylic blend, perfect for the cold season. This piece is warm and very soft to touch, having a luxurious texture. For the ultimate comfort, the material is also very breathable. Such a premium quality bed runner will last a lifetime, especially if taken properly care of. For best results, we recommend gently hand washing it in lukewarm water and only drying it flat.

The design is what truly makes this piece unique, as it depicts a Novelty Celtic Knot pattern. This type of shield knot symbolizes protection and warding off illness and bad omens. Celtic culture is depicted in an authentic manner through the design. This classic piece is truly timeless and easy to adapt to any form of interior design, either classic or modern. The bed runner is available in 2 colors: Navy and Gray. Our bed runner is available in 2 sizes: King Bed and Queen Bed.