Celtic Pattern Knit Throw

■  Elegant throw, made in Ireland, out of a very soft wool blend, equally warm and breathable, just perfect for the cold seasons

■ A design depicting traditional Aran motifs, adapted to a modern manner of interior design, with a rope stitch pattern

■ The perfect piece to wrap yourself in and relax after a long day, designed for your ultimate comfort

■ Measures 60 inches L x 40 inches W

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Bring our elegant Celtic Pattern Knit Throw into your house for an extra dose of coziness and Irish spirit! The Irish craft of knitwear was born on the Aran Islands, during the 19th century, when the mothers and wives of the fishermen started knitting sweaters to protect them from the unforgiving cold on the ocean. What became the Irish art of knitwear later developed into many styles and forms in fashion, but in interior design as well. This piece is a homage paid to the Aran knitwear, a pride of Ireland recognized world wide. Through its symbolism, our throw carries ages of Irish heritage and represents the traditional motifs through its design, which depicts a rope stitch. The throw measures 60 inches in length and 40 inches in width.

Our throw was made in Ireland, out of an extremely soft Irish wool blend. The material is very pleasing to the touch, with a luxurious feeling on the skin, which is why it will become your favorite pick this winter! The throw is perfect to wrap yourself in, as it is both very warm, but breathable, for the ultimate comfort. The premium quality of our throw is not only proven by how it feels, but also by its resistance through time, as it promises to preserve its brand new condition over the years, especially if taken proper care of. For best results, we recommend gently hand washing it and only drying it flat.