Celtic Spiral Bed End

■ Beautiful Designed Bed End, a combination of functionality and style, made in Ireland, out of pure new Merino Wool, for a premium quality experience: soft, warm and comfortable

■ Exquisite Irish Design, decorated with Celtic symbols: Celtic Spiral & Trinity Knots, motifs of spirituality, inner self in relation with life, death, and rebirth

■ Available in Natural/Gray & Natural/Navy and sizes: Queen-Bed & King-Bed

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Bring a note of charm and style into your bedroom, with our Celtic Spiral Bed End! Our beautiful throw is a combination of functionality and style, perfect to be added as a complementary detail to your bedroom. It is made in Ireland, out of pure new Merino wool blend - providing a luxurious feeling to touch, comfort, and warmth, which make it just perfect to wrap yourself in during the cold season. This premium quality piece will last a lifetime, especially if taken properly care of. We recommend gently hand washing it in lukewarm water and only drying it flat.

The design will allow you to decorate your house with Celtic spirit, as it depicts Celtic Spirals, combined with subtle Trinity Knots. In Celtic culture, the spiral is one of the oldest symbols of spirituality and it is used as a motif for life, death, and rebirth. The Spiral represents the inner self, while the Trinity Knots are a symbol for the Christian faith, each part of the Trinity representing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our bed end is available in 2 color combinations: Natural/Gray & Natural/Navy and 2 sizes: King-Bed and Queen-Bed, so you can truly personalize your piece!