Wall Mounted Slainte Bottle Opener- Satin Finish

■Constructed of solid brass, this bottle opener is sturdy and resistant, making it a great addition to your bar or kitchen. Besides its high durability, it is also luxurious-looking and eye-catching - it won't go unnoticed.

■This brass bottle opener has a Satin Nickel finish for added luster and sheen and features a Claddagh and Irish Gaelic Slainte phrase design. Slainte is a famous celebratory expression used in toasts and means Cheers or Health, whereas the Claddagh is a heartwarming symbol of friendship, love, and loyalty.

■The bottle opener has the dimensions of 3.25’’ high and 2.5’’ wide, the perfect size to be displayed on any wall. Two mounting bolts are included so you can easily install it - it requires only basic tools.

■To achieve the best results, please avoid abrasive household cleaners and clothes as they can scratch the surface of the bottle opener. Use a soft, damp cloth instead. 

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Decorate your kitchen or bar in an Irish air with our Exclusively Irish Slainte Claddagh Bottle Opener - Satin Nickel. Finely made of brass, a solid metal, this cap opener will last many years to come - it is durable, rust-resistant, and incredibly shiny, the perfect combination.

The Claddagh is one of Ireland's most valuable symbols. It depicts two hands embracing a crown-adorned heart, representing the ideas of love, friendship, and loyalty in one piece. ‘Slainte’ is a famous Irish Gaelic phrase used as a salutation or toast in celebratory circumstances. This bottle opener will make a great addition to your kitchen - it is simple, yet striking, with drops of cultural identity.