Slainte Claddagh Bottle Opener-Black Brass Finish

■This charming bottle opener is masterfully crafted with solid brass, a high-quality material that provides long-lasting use. It is not only incredibly durable and rust-resistant but also an eye-catching kitchen or bar addition.

■The bottle opener has a black brass finish that adds elegance to the overall look and features an Irish Gaelic Slainte and Claddagh for a touch of culture. Slainte is a famous catchphrase that translates as Cheers, and the Claddagh symbolizes friendship, love, and loyalty in one piece.

■This bottle opener comes with 2 mounting bolts for an easy installation - it requires only simple tools. It is 3.25’’ tall and 2.5’’ wide, the perfect dimensions to be displayed anywhere in your kitchen or bar.

■For the best results, we highly recommend avoiding abrasive housecleaners and clothes that can scratch the surface of the bottle opener. You can simply wash it with a soft, damp cloth.

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Add drops of culture to your kitchen with our Exclusively Irish Slainte Claddagh Bottle Opener-Black brass. Crafted out of brass, a solid metal, this bottle opener is not only durable and resistant but also charming due to its elegant black finish - it will match any kitchen aesthetic due to its versatility.

What makes this piece a unique addition to your kitchen or bar is its culturally-inspired design featuring the famous Irish Gaelic ‘Slainte’ phrase that means ‘Health’ and a Claddagh design. ‘Slainte’ is used in celebratory situations such as toasts, whereas the Claddagh ring is an Irish symbol of infinite love and loyalty. It tells the story of an Irish sailor who crafted the first Claddagh ring for a lost love after he was captured at sea to demonstrate his devotion. This bottle opener will be a thoughtful gift for anyone of Irish heritage!