Taurus Sign 14k Gold Plated Pendant

■This astrological necklace is expertly plated with 14K gold, an exceptionally durable metal that resists tarnish and rust. In addition to its strength, the gold plating gives the pendant a shimmering sparkle that will catch everyone's attention 

■The pendant includes a Taurus zodiac sign design, making it the ideal astrology-inspired accessory. It is a must-have piece, whether as a present for a Taurus friend or as a one-of-a-kind treat for yourself 

■This stunning Taurus pendant is enriched by delicate cubic zirconia stones, adding a plus of shimmer and dazzle. Cubic zirconia gems are the most commonly used synthetic crystals as they resemble diamonds 

■This zodiac symbol pendant is ideal for daily use and special events thanks to its perfect dimensions. It measures approximately ½" and comes on an adjustable 16-18" chain 


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Choose our Taurus Sign 14k Gold Plated Pendant for a unique, personalized gift - it will surely put a smile on your Taurus friend!
The pendant is carefully gold-plated to provide its durability and strength, guaranteeing years of use. The 14k gold coating offers the piece a striking sparkle, which makes it eye-catching. It is exquisitely decorated with tiny cubic zirconia stones, a type of synthetic crystal that shimmers like natural diamonds.
What makes this pendant even more special is its zodiac-inspired design, showcasing a Taurus symbol motif. According to astrology, those born under the sign of Taurus are calm and down-to-earth, making them trustworthy and loyal companions. The constellation Taurus honors the god Zeus, in Greek mythology. Legends say that Zeus transformed himself into a beautiful white Bull in order to win the love of the Phoenician princess Europa.
Measuring ½’’ and coming on a matching 16-18’’ chain, this gold-plated pendant is ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions - it will surely catch everyone’s attention.