Sterling Silver Scottish Thistle Necklace with Gemstone

■Manufactured with excellent craftsmanship, from durable sterling silver, a resistant and shiny material that will not rust or tarnish, ensuring this piece will maintain its dazzling appearance for generations to come.

■The necklace is adorned with three connected Scottish thistles. This thorny flower is the national emblem of Scotland and originally appeared in the tales of the Scots battle with the Vikings, as a symbol of bravery, devotion, and strength.

■The plants are embellished with emerald glass gemstones, usually associated with purity and protection. Pieces containing emerald glass are believed to represent a wish for success, a great message for any wearer.

■The thistles measure 0.75 inches in height and the necklace is 18 inches long. You can style this piece according to your personal preference, since its versatility and elegance will surely complement any outfit. 

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This lovely Sterling Silver Jewelry Scottish Thistle Necklace with Shimmering Gemstone will elevate your style and add a touch of Highland charm to any occasion. The pendant is made of high-quality sterling silver, a durable material that will not rust, ensuring long- term use. Designed to resemble the spiky leaves of Scotland’s national flower, this piece captures each detail of the thistle, making it a true work of art. The thistle is a thorny plant surrounded by stories of the Scots' bravery against the invasion of Vikings. This plant grows freely in the Highlands and represents strength, an important meaning for any wearer of such a piece. The pendant is adorned with emerald glass gemstones at the center of each flower, adding elegance and vibrancy. The sterling silver chain measures 20’’inches, and the pendant is 0.75 inches in height.