Scottish Thistle Sterling Silver Brooch

■Our beautiful Scottish brooch is made from 100 % sterling silver, a high-quality material that promises lifetime wear due to its durability, lustrous shine, and timeless elegance. 

■Scottish Thistle design is an ode brought to Scotland's rich cultural traditions and the enduring spirit of its people. The thistle flower is the national emblem of Scotland and symbolizes the honor, chivalry, and determination of the Scots. 

■The elegant brooch measures 1.22 inches by 1.22 inches and has a dependable pin fastening, ensuring both convenience and secure attachment. You can easily pin it to your scarf, shawl, vest, or sweater, for a timeless look that exudes both tradition and style. 

■Presented in a charming jewelry gift box, this brooch makes a thoughtful and stylish Scottish gift for a loved one on special occasions. It will complement your jewelry collection, perfect for various styles and outfits. 

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This magnificent Scottish Thistle Sterling Silver Brooch is a delicate piece of jewelry that will impress everyone who sees it. It is crafted from sterling silver, a durable and rust-resistant material that lasts for a long time. With a lustrous shine and timeless elegance, this brooch is suitable to be kept as a family heirloom, from generation to generation. The design of the brooch honors Scotland’s history and heritage. It features the national emblem of Scotland, the Scottish thistle which represents the bravery, devotion, and determination of the Scots. The Scottish Thistle is renowned for its delicate flower heads, sharp thorns, and its defiant ability to flourish. The brooch measures 1.22 inches by 1.22 inches and makes an elegant addition to your outfit. Due to the dependable pin fastening, you can easily style it with sweaters or shawls. Our Scottish brooch is the perfect choice to be worn for special occasions, as a daily accessory. Packaged in a lovely gift box, this piece of jewelry would make a meaningful Scottish gift to a loved one in your life.