Shot Glass Irish Leprechaun Figurine

■Unique Irish shot glass crafted with high-quality glass and a 100% resin figurine, a durable material that is appreciated for its flexibility and long-lasting lustrous appearance. This figurine glass makes a wonderful addition to your collection.
■Designed with a leprechaun, an Irish mythical creature that is known to cause mischief but also bring good luck, as it often protects a treasure. Additionally, the four-leaf clover in his hand is a bearer of good fortune, each leaf representing hope, faith, love, and luck.
■Each glass measures 2 inches in length and width, and 2.5 inches in height, ideal for savoring the right amount of strong liquors. With this glass you can celebrate the drinking traditions that are beloved by locals and tourists in Ireland alike. 
■Made with the skill of the Irish, our glass can be gifted to your loved ones or shopped in a set so you can enjoy beverages with those you hold dear! It is perfect for a housewarming party or for enthusiasts of strong drinks!



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If you love to share delicious strong drinks with friends and family, get our Shot Glass Irish Leprechaun Figurine! It is attentively crafted from high-quality glass and 100% resin, a durable and flexible material that is sure to withstand the test of time in your barware collection. The glass showcases a leprechaun design, a mythical creature that is believed to bring good luck but also to cause mischief. Additionally, the leprechaun is holding a four-leaf clover, a bearer of good fortune as each leaf represents the intertwined concepts of love, faith, hope, and luck. The shot glass measures 2 inches in length and width, and 2.5 inches in height, ideally sized to be displayed on your shelves or bar. With this shot glass you can enjoy the perfect amount of strong liquors. Our Irish shot glass makes a lovely gift for anyone who wishes to celebrate the long-standing drinking traditions of Ireland!