Thistle Scarf

■Made of 100% soft and luxurious Cotton, our charming shawl is lighteight, comfortable and gives you a warm and cozy feel, making it the perfect accessory for autumn.
■It has a versatile drape-like design that can be worn in many different ways from the classic style to an asymmetrical look to a scarf. This shawl is flattering for any body type.
■The Shawl features the Scotland's national flower, the thistle- A symbol of bravery and honour.
■Is machine washable in warm water (86°F). Dry on a flat surface.

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If you were looking for the perfect accessory that will let you rock any outfit in style and keep you cozy at the same time, then you will love this Scottish Thistle Cotton shawl! Crafted from 100% cotton this shawl makes the perfect piece for autumn, offering insulation from the cold while also allowing your skin to breathe, for all-day comfort.
This versatile shawl can be worn in many different ways having a drape-like design. You can either wear it as a classical shawl or try an asymmetrical look, or even wear it as a scarf. It features the thistle, a symbol of courage, bravery, and loyalty. The legend says that A Norse army journeyed to Scotland, wanted to conquer the land, and was planning to ambush the sleeping Scottish army. As they were walking one of them stepped on a thistle and began crying in agony, alerting the warriors.

In order to preserve and take proper care of this delicate piece, we recommend using only cold water whether using a washing machine or washing by hand. Try drying it on a flat surface.