Scottish Weave Oven Mit & Pot Holder

■ Kitchen accessory set containing an oven mitt and a matching pot holder. Elegantly made from 100% cotton, a soft moisture-resistant material that ensures long-lasting use. 
■Designed with the Scottish thistle, Scotland’s national emblem that appears in tales of bravery like the battle between Scots and Vikings.
■The curved lines surrounding the thistle are reminiscent of Celtic manuscripts from the past. The connected loops are vibrant and complex, a lovely combination for any cooking lover to enjoy.
■The oven mitt is 13 inches long and 6 inches wide, so your hands will be perfectly protected. The pot holder measures 8.6 inches in length and width and can hold a variety of pots, ensuring your tables will be completely safe.


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Cooking is a lovely experience and it will become even better with our Scottish Weave Oven Mit & Pot Holder. Made from 100% soft and moisture-resistant cotton, this practical and charming set is a great gift as well. The Celtic weave design shows intertwining loops in symmetrical patterns that create a beautiful ensemble. Featuring the national flower of Scotland, the thistle, this set celebrates the stories of bravery behind this tiny and sharp-edged wild plant. The oven mitt measures 13 inches in length and 6 inches in width, the perfect size to protect your hands when carrying a delicious hot meal. The matching pot holder is 8.6 inches long and wide, ensuring to hold your pots so as to prevent any damaged surfaces on your tables. To maintain this set in its best condition we recommend washing it in cold water to prevent shrinking, and air drying it after.