100% Cotton Scottish Weave Tea Towel & Pot Holder

■100% Cotton: This set made of a tea towel and pot holder is crafted from 100% cotton. This natural and sustainable material is incredibly durable and absorbent, making the items in the set perfect for everyday use in the kitchen.
■Scottish design: The design of these kitchen items features a Scottish thistle and intertwining Scottish weave patterns. The thistle is the national flower of Scotland and a beautiful emblem of bravery, nobility, and resistance.
■Dimensions: The tea towel measures 26.3 inches in height and 17.7 inches in width, while the pot holder has a size of 8.7 inches in height and 8.7 inches in width.
■Care instructions: For optimal cleaning results, wash the tea towel and pot holder in the machine at a temperature of 104°F. Air drying is recommended to preserve the material's natural softness and texture.

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Bring Scottish pride into your kitchen with our amazing kitchen set that contains a tea towel and pot holder. Both are made from high-quality cotton, a material that is durable and provides excellent absorbency, which makes these kitchen items ideal for everyday use and a variety of purposes. The design makes this kitchen set perfect for any Scottish household. It features interlacing Scottish weave patterns and a Scottish thistle design in an intricate and vibrant color scheme. The Scottish thistle is the highlight of the design because it is a symbol that has an important place in Scottish culture and heritage. According to the legend, the invading Vikings gave away their position and were duly defeated by Scottish warriors because they stepped on the prickly thistle and cried out in pain. This led to the Scottish thistle becoming the national flower of Scotland.