Newgrange Fern Wrap

■Crafted from 100% cotton, a soft and breathable material that allows you to style it as a charming outer layer, on both windy and sunny days.
■The gorgeous wrap design ensures you can fold the comfortable material around yourself for an extra touch of coziness and also elegance. 
■Features the fern, a feather-shaped plant that is associated with love, growth, good fortune and light, creating a luminous spring-like effect. 
■To keep this lovely wrap in its best condition we recommend washing it in cold water and air drying it in order to prevent shrinking.

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A versatile and uniquely-designed piece, our Newgrange Fern Wrap is a special addition to any wardrobe. Attentively crafted from 100% soft and breathable cotton, this garment is a comfortable and stylish piece, perfect for spring and fall. The wrap can be draped around the shoulders, or wrapped around the body according to personal preference. The generous length of the lightweight material allows various styling possibilities, making this item a sustainable choice that can be worn on casual and formal occasions. Features a charming fern design, symmetrically arranged all-over the wrap, giving an earthy-feel to our wrap . The feather-like herb is associated with light, growth, and good fortune to the one who encounters it. Complete any look with a delicate wrap featuring natural elements! Wash in cold water and air dry after, for maintaining this garment in its best condition.