Mens Ribbed Knit Hat

■ Premium Quality Knit Hat, made in Ireland: premium quality acrylic and wool blend, very soft to the touch, luxurious texture, warm, but breathable for the ultimate comfort
■ Simple and classic, for a timeless look, best in combination with our rib knit scarf for a perfectly tailored look
■ Homage paid to the traditional Irish craftsmanship of knitwear, originated on the Aran Islands, during the 19th century
■ Available in Navy and Gray

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A perfect combination of functionality and style, our Men's Ribbed Knit Hat comes as the perfect piece for the cold season! Made in Ireland with high attention to detail, our hat guarantees the ultimate comfort! The composition is a high-quality blend of acrylic and Irish wool, which is very soft to the touch and has a luxurious texture. Our hat is both warm, to protect you from the cold and wind and breathable, so it can be worn all day without worries. The premium quality of the hat guarantees that it will preserve its brand new condition over the years.

Our design is simple and classic, but timeless. The ribbed knit design can be easily combined in various outfits and styles, from a more formal and traditional look to a more modern and casual one. In combination with our scarf, the set creates a perfectly tailored look that cannot be missed from your winter wardrobe! The hat is available in Gray and Navy.

Our piece encapsulates Irish heritage in an authentic manner, as it represents a vast pride of Ireland - the style of Aran knitwear. Originated in the 19th century, on the Aran Islands, the traditional Irish craftsmanship of knitting started with the mothers and wives of the fishermen, who were knitting sweaters to protect their husbands and sons from the unforgiving cold of the ocean. Since then, this art has developed into a worldwide phenomenon that it’s a must-have for anyone with Irish origins!