Map of Ireland Embroidered Magnet

■Celtic fridge magnet precisely crafted with embroidered and hand-painted details that showcase the extraordinary craftsmanship and skills of the Irish. The 100% resin base is durable and is sure to withstand the test of time.
■Shaped like the map of the Emerald Isle, a country of great culture, history, and tradition. The Ireland embroidered detail allows you to display national pride, while the vibrant colors of the magnet allude to wonderful Irish landscapes.
■Measures 3” in height, perfectly sized to add a dash of Irish cultural essence to your fridge or other magnetic surface of your choice. Our magnet will complement your magnet collection!
■Designed to elevate your kitchen, this magnet is both a celebration of Irish culture and a souvenir to remember the Emerald Isle and its traditions that charm tourists and locals alike. It makes a perfect gift for your friends and family!


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Make your kitchen fridge a celebration of your favorite cultures from around the world with our Map of Ireland Embroidered Magnet! It is crafted with great attention to detail, with a durable 100% resin base as well as embroidered and hand-painted details that showcase the expert craftsmanship that goes into designing each piece. Created in the shape of Ireland’s map, this magnet will help you remember your beloved memories from the Emerald Isle, or serve as a celebration of the Irish way of life. The embroidered Ireland detailing allows you to display national pride in your home. The vibrant tones of green allude to the lush meadows in the Emerald Isle that enchant all visitors. The magnet measures 3” in height, ideal for fitting on your fridge near your collection. A country of rich knitting traditions, hospitality, and long-lasting heritage, Ireland can be celebrated with our lovely magnet. You can gift it to your dear ones and elevate their kitchen!