Love of The Mythical Celtic Raven Heart Shaped Pendant

■This outstanding necklace is constructed out of 925 Sterling Silver, a fine metal that keeps its brilliant shine and sturdiness throughout the years. Sterling silver is guaranteed for life as it will not tarnish or rust.

■The pendant is shaped in a heart form and designed with raven motifs. The Mythical Raven is a significant symbol in Celtic culture, representing the messenger between life and death. An ancient symbol, the Raven is thought to symbolize protection and healing.

■This dazzling pendant measures 0.86 inches wide by 0.82 inches long without the bale and is accompanied by an 18-inch sterling silver chain, allowing you to wear it right away.

■This sterling silver necklace comes in an exquisite branded box for easy storage. It would also make a wonderful present for any occasion, such as birthdays or anniversaries since it is already packaged and ready to be given. 

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Add a subtle touch of sparkle to your everyday looks with our Celtic necklace. Beautifully crafted of 925 sterling silver, this piece of jewelry is not only incredibly beautiful and shiny but also durable and rust-resistant, providing the perfect combination for lengthy use. Sterling silver is lightweight and comfortable, making it ideal for everyday wear. The pendant is shaped in a heart form and depicts two ravens adorned with knotwork. The Raven is a mythical bird with great importance in Celtic culture, representing an intermediary between life and death, and providing a sense of protection and healing. For many centuries, the raven has fascinated people with the mystery surrounding its presence. It is regarded as one of the most interesting and intelligent species of bird, with many people comparing its relentlessness to that of a human. This stunning pendant measures 0.86 inches wide by 0.82 inches long without the bale and comes with an 18-inch sterling silver chain. It would make an elegant and timeless addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.