Flying Celtic Raven Pendant

■ This piece of jewelry consists of a pendant and chain made using high-quality sterling silver for long-lasting luster. Besides its dazzling appearance, the necklace is durable and rust-resistant - it will last a lifetime if properly taken care of.

■ The Mythical Raven-inspired pendant is embellished with black cubic zirconia adding a pop of boldness to any outfit. In Celtic mythology, the ravens are perceived as mystic messengers from the other world.

■ The curb chain is 18’’ and the pendant is 1.61’’ in width and 1.18’’ in height - the perfect dimensions for a comfortable and eye-catching look. The necklace comes beautifully arranged in a presentation box.

■ To maintain this sterling silver piece of jewelry at its best quality, please take it off when showering and swimming - store it in a dry, enclosed space, away from humidity and sunlight exposure.

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Add a sense of Celtic sacredness to your everyday life with our Flying Raven Pendant Sterling Silver with 18" chain and box. Crafted out of the finest sterling silver, this piece of jewelry is not only incredibly sturdy and tarnish-resistant but also shiny and lustrous - a lifetime treasure.

The design is striking and charming, providing a pop of boldness to any look. In Celtic mythology and tradition, ravens have a significant place as symbols of death and rebirth - the Celtic war gods were frequently pictured as ravens, mystic messengers from the other world. The pendant is highly decorated with Celtic motifs and small gemstones for added detail.

The necklace comes in a beautiful presentation box, so you don’t have to worry about packaging your gift. It would make a thoughtful gift for anyone who wants to deepen their connection with their Celtic heritage.