Ladies Cable Hat

■Knit from 100% Merino wool, a material that is known for its excellent insulation, incredible softness, and long-lasting comfort.
■Features cable stitching, which is the most recognizable Aran stitching pattern and represents the wish for safety and good fortune. It also features moss stitching, which symbolizes abundance and growth.
■The hat also features a faux fur pom-pom that adds a dose of playfulness to the design, while the rib knit on the edge adds an extra touch of elegance. 
■We recommend washing the hat in cold water with mild detergent and drying it on a flat surface to not distort the shape.

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Our lovely wool hat is the perfect headwear to wear in the cold season. Knit from 100% Premium merino wool, this hat will provide superior insulation and softness, ensuring that you’ll stay cozy and warm no matter what the weather throws at you. Besides, merino wool is incredibly durable, so you can be sure that this hat will provide you with style, warmth, and comfort for a long time to come.

The charming design features the cable stitch which originated in the Aran Islands and represented the fishermen’s wish for safety and a good catch at sea. This pattern became an emblem of Irish craftsmanship and heritage and it is widely used in Irish knitwear today. The hat also features a moss stitch, which is a beautiful symbol of growth and abundance. The authentic Aran stitching patterns are complemented by the rib knit on the edge and the cute faux fur pom pom on the top.