Ladies Button Pom-Pom Hat

■Knitted with Luxurious 100% Merino Wool, a natural and warm material. Great heat insulator, Merino Wool is soft, durable, comfortable, and water repelling. 
■Features Aran Cable stitches,the most popular pattern in the “knitting world” and honeycomb pattern. This stunning hat has 3 brown colored buttons and attached a round-shaped fluffy pom pom
■Our classy Ladies Button Pom Pom Hat is one size making it a versatile piece to be added to every woman’s wardrobe.
■Even though Merino Wool is naturally odor-resistant, washing is still required. Hand wash is recommended, in cold water and mild soap. Avoid hot water and tumble drying, it can cause shrinking.

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Being Irish is something to be proud of! Ireland is the country that produces some of the most wonderful woolen knitwear. This beautifully designed hat is knitted entirely from Merino Wool that comes from Merino sheep. Merino wool is a natural, soft, and warm material. It is a very good heat insulator, but also water repellent that doesn't itch, smell, or crease. Being the most popular pattern, the cable stitches are finely covering the hat and represent the Irish fishermen’s ropes - the local women used to knit them for their husbands when they went out into the sea, as a wish of safety and good luck. The honeycomb stitch represents the bees and the sweet result they obtain with hard work. A perfect-sized fluffy pom pom constitutes the tip of the hat and 3 brown colored buttons are elegantly attached on the side. This Ladies Button Pom Pom Hat is an exquisite clothing accessory that is worth its place in any woman’s wardrobe, but also a perfect Irish gift that you could give to someone whom you love.