Jasmine & Lime Blossom Natural Candle in Stoneware Jar

■Vegan candle made with great care for the environment from 100% pure vegan wax originating from renewable sources. The wicks are crafted from unbleached cotton interwoven with linen thread, ensuring a safe, long-lasting 50 hours burn time.
■With a heart scent of invigorating jasmine and fruity orange blossom, elevated by top notes of lime that create a refreshing scent that will surely transform your usual days into an oasis of relaxation. 
■The candle comes in a stoneware jar that can be reused as a decor piece to spice up your home aesthetic or as a storage space for your trinkets or beloved souvenirs from your travels.
■Celebrates Irish heritage as it is crafted in the Galway town of the Emerald Isle. Our candle showcases the craftsmanship of the Irish and allows you to display national pride in a subtle manner. 



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Whether you wish to make your evening routine a relaxing moment in your day, or offer a thoughtful present, choose our Jasmine & Lime Blossom Natural Candle in Stoneware Jar. The candle is crafted from 100% pure vegan wax, with wicks from unbleached cotton woven with linen thread. A testament to our protection of the environment, this candle is eco-friendly and durable, with a burning time of up to 50 hours. It comes in a reusable stoneware jar that you can later keep as a decoration piece for your home or a storage trinket for your memoirs or jewelry. This candle has an invigorating heart scent of jasmine blended with fruity orange blossom for a flowery yet strong smell. The notes of lime add a refreshing touch to the candle, ideal for recharging your batteries after a long day. An aromatherapy masterpiece, our candle is perfect for transforming your daily life into a ritual of peacefulness and introspection. You can gift it to your loved ones or to anyone who wishes to take their self-care to the next level!