Honeycomb King Throw

■100% Soft and Warm Merino Wool - our King Sized Cable Knit Throw made of the highest quality of Merino wool is all about comfort and warmth, becoming the ideal blanket for wrapping yourself up during cold nights. 
■Authentic Aran Stitches Design - the delicate bedspread calls attention to its Cable stitches designed in combination with Honeycomb patterns that not only add texture to the blanket, but also express the Irish tradition. 
■Measuring 92” in length and 78 inches in width, the blanket is the perfect choice for a king-size bed, a true embodiment comfort.
■Avoid hot water and tumble drying as it could cause shrinkage. Wash with cold water and dry on a flat surface to achieve the best results and keep your blanket new and cozy. 

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Add cultural essence to your home with our King Sized Cable Knit Throw. Measuring 92” in length and 78” in width, the blanket is perfect for any king-size bed or sofa. Made of 100% Merino Wool, the softest form of wool with moisture-resistant properties, the blanket will preserve the temperature of your body, keeping you warm and cozy during cold nights. What makes our blanket a truly Irish icon is its culturally significant design featuring Aran cable and Honeycomb stitches. The cable stitches resemble the ropes used by the brave Irish fishermen who sailed across the Atlantic. They were traditionally designed by the fishermen’s wives as a wish for safety and good luck when going out into the sea. The honeycomb stitch supplements the cable stitch symbolism, creating a beautiful pattern, adding warmth and texture to the blanket, and being a symbol of rewards after hard work. To keep the blanket in good condition, hand wash it only in cold water and dry it on a flat surface.