Honeycomb Merino Wool Aran Throw

■ Made of pure premium Merino wool, this throw offers nothing less than luxurious quality. Its fine fibers offer softness instead of the itchiness that comes with other types of wool, and it insulates from the cold while offering comfortable breathability.
■ Creating an ornate tapestry of mesmerizing patterns in this throw is Aran stitching that lends an authentically Irish touch. Originating from the Aran Islands off the western Irish coast, the featured Aran stitches include the trellis, the honeycomb, and the cable.
■ This Merino wool throw is available in green, which can add a fun splash of color to any room, and natural, a soft, elegant color that will complement a wide variety of bright and dark shades.
■ This Honeycomb Merino Wool Aran Throw requires simple but delicate maintenance. To ensure long-lasting quality, it is recommended that this blanket is either gently hand washed or dry cleaned only.
■ The beautiful design and functionality of this throw make it wonderful to use at home. It can provide an extra layer of warmth on a bed while sleeping on a fall or winter night, or it can add some decorative Irish charm to a family room by being thrown on a sofa.

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Wrap yourself up in Irish warmth this fall and winter with this Honeycomb Merino Wool Aran Throw! Skillfully crafted from 100% Merino wool, this blanket will pamper your skin with luxurious softness while providing premium insulation from the icy cold. Merino wool is also naturally strong and moisture-wicking, so it is durable enough to endure long-term use while keeping you comfortably dry and cozy. Giving the blanket rich texture and dimension is authentic Aran stitching that includes intricate honeycomb, cable, and trellis stitches. Versatile in design and utility, this blanket can be used to spruce up your bedroom or it can be kept in the family room to cuddle up with on a chilly evening! 

This beautiful honeycomb throw measures 60 x 40 inches.