Highland Cow Ceramic Shakers

■Made from Ceramic: This set of salt and pepper shakers is made from ceramic, so they are designed for everyday use thanks to the incredible durability, heat resistance, and scratch resistance of the material.
■Highland Cow design: The salt and pepper shakers feature an adorable highland cow design, an animal associated with Scotland and loved for its shaggy coat, gentle and friendly nature, strength, and resilience. 
■Dimensions: Each shaker measures approximately 3.7 x 2.6 inches, so they are perfectly sized for everyday use and easy to store in the drawer when not in use.
■Weigh: The salt and pepper shakers weigh approximately 5.3 oz each. This set is perfect if you need some high-quality and functional additions to your kitchenware and dining ware.

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If you need a stylish and functional addition to your kitchen or your dining table, this salt and pepper shaker set is just what you are looking for. Made from strong and durable ceramic, these shakers are sure to easily withstand everyday use. They are built in the shape of highland cows which makes them charming and eye-catching. The highland cows are beloved animals in Scotland known for their fluffy coats that protect them during harsh winters. Their resilience against the harsh weather condition of Scotland is what makes them so emblematic in Scottish culture. They are also known for being very friendly. Thanks to their adorable design, these salt and pepper shakers will make seasoning your food fun every day!