Ceramic Highland Cow Mug

■Bone China Mug: Meticulously crafted from bone china, this mug will endure years of use because of its strength, scratch resistance, and sturdy construction. Bone china is the most durable of the porcelain or china ceramics.
■Scottish Design: The mug features a charming Highland Cow that is finely dressed in a traditional tartan design, wandering on a green field filled with thistles. The mug is a tribute to Scottish culture. It also features a heart-shaped handle for added cuteness. 
■Made by Royal Tara: The mug was produced and designed by Royal Tara, a prestigious manufacturer of Celtic giftware that combines craftsmanship and tradition to authentically transmit culture through its unique pieces.
■Care and Capacity: This mug can be filled with 380ml or 13fl oz of your favorite drink. Being made of sturdy bone china, this mug is dishwasher and microwave-safe. We recommend avoiding sudden temperature changes.

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If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for a tea or coffee drinker in your life, or simply want to add a superb mug to your collection, our Highland Cow mug is an excellent option. It is meticulously crafted out of bone china, a high-quality material that will endure the test of time - it is durable, scratch-resistant, and luxurious-looking, the perfect combination for long-lasting use.

The design of the mug is artistically inspired by Scottish heritage - it showcases an adorable Highland Cow decorated with authentic tartan design on a verdant field with thistles. The Highland Cow (or Hielan’ Coo) is one of the most beloved animals in Scotland due to its gentle and friendly nature and its unique appearance with long horns and flowing red locks. The Scottish thistle is Scotland's national emblem, representing bravery, courage, and loyalty. Legends say that a thistle once saved the Scottish army against a Viking raid as one of the invaders stepped on the spiky plant and cried out in pain, alerting the Scots of their presence.