Green Shamrock Wool Hat

■ This festive Irish wool hat is made by Saol, one of the leading producers of Irish knitwear, and part of the new St. Patrick Collection
■ Made from 100% Merino wool, this Shamrock Wool Hat will keep your head warm all winter long
■ With shamrock detailing at the base, this hat is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day accessory
■ A fun pom pom adorns the top of the hat in a classic bit of design
■ The knit patterns of woven cables and diamonds date back over a century and were first developed for the working sweaters of rural fishermen on the remote Aran Islands off of Ireland’s west coast

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A large pom pom and knit shamrocks adorn this fun and festive Irish knit cap, making it the perfect way to keep your head warm this St. Patrick’s Day and every March hereafter. Knit from 100% Merino wool that has been pre treated to ensure it’s elegant softness, this hat is a great way to celebrate your Irish pride or heritage. The knit patterns on the hat come from the remote Aran Islands off Ireland’s west coast and feature interwoven diamond and cable patterns. These patterns date back over a century and represent the ropes and nets of Aran fishermen. Originally knit onto thick wool sweaters, the patterns are thought to augur good luck and success in one’s endeavors.

This hat is manufactured by Saol, one of the leading producers of modern and contemporary Irish knitwear, as part of the new St. Patrick Collection. Available in three beautiful colors: classic natural white, deep navy, and stunning Kelly green, each with contrasting shamrock detailing at the base. 

Pair with Saol’s Tree of Life Aran Wool Scarf for a complete St. Patrick’s Day look!