Irish Shamrock Wool Throw

■ 100% Merino Wool - The pure Merino wool composition of this Irish shamrock throw makes it perfect for warming up with on a cold night. Unlike other types of wool, Merino wool offers rich softness instead of itchiness because of the smaller size of its fibers. It also provides excellent insulation and breathability.
■ Shamrock Detail - Creating a festive flair in this throw is the green shamrock detail that pays tribute to the culture of the Emerald Isle. The shamrock is the national flower of Ireland and a popular symbol of good fortune, especially the “Luck of the Irish.”
■ Aran Stitching - Authentic Aran stitching drapes this blanket from top to bottom with dimension, texture, and beauty. Intricate honeycomb patterns that symbolize the worker bees of the Aran Islands off the western Irish coast decorate the body of this blanket. Highlighting the center is a stitched shamrock, and adorning the borders are vivid green shamrocks that pay tribute to the Emerald Isle.
■ Versatile Color - This blanket comes in a soft natural color that is perfect for blending into a variety of home décor styles and color schemes, and its pops of green color from the shamrock details add a cheerful touch to any room.
■ Gentle Maintenance - Merino wool is a luxurious material that requires delicate care to maintain long-lasting quality in integrity and appearance. For best results, it is recommended that this throw be either hand washed or dry cleaned only.

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Bring some Irish spirit and beauty to any room in your home with this Irish Shamrock Wool Throw.

This blanket is made from 100% Merino wool, which is perfect for the fall and winter seasons, as it provides superior insulating warmth with luxurious softness, durable strength and flexibility, and moisture-wicking breathability.

Adorning this blanket from top to bottom is mesmerizing Aran stitching that features the honeycomb stitch which represents the hard workers of the Aran Islands off the western Irish coast.

Complementing this ornate stitching are rich green shamrocks that decorate the borders along with a stitched shamrock at the center of the blanket, giving this blanket some genuine Irish charm. This throw is wonderful to use on festive occasions like St. Patrick’s Day or it can be used all year round!  

This beautiful shamrock throw measures 60 x 40 inches.