Gold Plated Gemini Symbol Pendant

■Our zodiac sign pendant is meticulously coated with 14K gold, a precious metal that is highly resistant to corrosion, tarnish, and rust. Besides that, the gold plating offers the pendant a sparkling shine that will catch everyone's eye 

■An excellent astrological-inspired accessory, the pendant features a Gemini zodiac sign design. This piece of jewelry makes a unique addition, whether you're buying it for a Gemini loved one or as a treat for yourself 

■Delicate cubic zirconia gemstones enhance this lovely pendant, adding an extra touch of glimmer and sparkle. Zirconia crystals are one of the most popular synthetic stones due to their resemblance to diamonds 

■Given its ideally sized dimensions, this Gemini pendant is perfect to wear on special occasions or for everyday use. It has a diameter of about ½ " in size and is attached to an adjustable 16–18" chain 

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Celebrate your uniqueness with our Gold Plated Gemini Symbol Pendant, a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry specially designed for witty Geminis!
The pendant is skillfully crafted with gold plating to ensure its strength and reliability over time. The 14-karat gold coating provides an outstanding shine to the piece, making it striking. It is beautifully decorated with delicate cubic zirconia crystals, a type of synthetic gemstone that sparkles like natural diamonds.
The Gemini symbol design makes this pendant even more special, celebrating those born between May 21 and June 20. Gemini is an air sign, characterized by quick thinking, strong adaptability, and wit. In Greek mythology, the Gemini constellation tells the story of the two twins of Sparta, Castor and Pollux. When Castor died in battle, Pollux begged Zeus to bring him back. Zeus agreed to make both of them immortal if they spent half their time on Earth and the other half among the stars in the heavens.
The pendant is approximately ½’’ in size and comes attached to a 16-18’’ chain, so you can wear it right away.