Fragrance Diffuser Refill - Cypress, Rose & Oud

■Attentively created of the finest essential oils, our Irish diffuser provides a fully safe and eco-conscious sensorial experience. The oils are contained in a plastic bottle that is easy to open and store 
■The fragrance is an exquisite blend of refined grapefruit top notes, a heart of jasmine & rose, and cozy, woody oud base notes. You will enjoy the scents for up to 18 weeks 
■The plastic bottle measures approximately 1.57’’ x 4.33’’, ideally sized to fit your cabinets and shelves. It contains 5.07 fl oz of strong essential oils 
■A unique gift from Ireland for a dear one or a special treat for yourself, the fragrance of this refill is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone 

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Impress anyone who enters your home with this refined Fragrance Diffuser Refill - Cypress, Rose & Oud. The diffuser contains 100% natural essential oils for vegan and fully safe use. Essential oils have been used for centuries as organic remedies for stress relief, thought to improve one’s mood and boost energy. Our essential oils are thoughtfully designed for therapeutic benefits, bringing at the same time a part of Ireland closer to your home. The fragrance is a unique blend of grapefruit top notes, a heart of jasmine & rose, and warm, woody oud base notes, promising a lasting scent for up to 18 weeks. The 5.08 fl oz of essential oils are stored in a plastic bottle that measures 1.57’’ x 4.33’’, the right size for you to store it wherever you’d like.
Authentically made and designed in Galway, Ireland, this Irish diffuser refill is a tribute to the wild scents of Ireland, inspired by the places we call home. It would make a considerate gift for your Irish loved ones that will put a smile on their faces, or a special treat to pamper yourself.