Fragrance Diffuser Refill - Violet & Cedarwood

■ This fragrance diffuser refill is expertly crafted in Ireland using 100% the finest natural essential oils, ensuring a sustainable and delightful aromatic experience.
■Boasts a captivating blend of violet and cedarwood, creating a harmonious fragrance that fills your home with enchantment, embodying the essence of nature in every scent note.
■Compact yet generous, the refill bottle measures 1.57" in width and 4.33" in height, holding a substantial 5.07 fl oz volume. It ensures a long-lasting aromatic presence, enhancing the ambiance of your surroundings.
■With a fragrance duration of 18 weeks, this refill transforms your home into a sanctuary. Packaged in a lovely gift box, it makes for an elegant present for any occasion, offering a thoughtful and aromatic touch to your living space.

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Transform your space into an enchanting sanctuary with this Fragrance Diffuser Refill - Violet & Cedarwood! It is made with precision from the finest natural essential oils to provide an eco-friendly and luxurious aromatic experience. The scent composition, blending violet and cedarwood, is inspired by nature’s wonders, transforming any space into a sanctuary of delightful, relaxing smells.
Compact yet generous, the refill bottle measures 1.57" in width and 4.33" in height, containing a substantial 5.07 fl oz volume. This thoughtful design ensures a prolonged fragrance duration of 18 weeks, allowing you to enjoy the captivating scent for an extended period.
Packaged in a delightful gift box, this refill is a sensory delight that pairs perfectly with any diffuser. Its eco-friendly composition, coupled with the enduring fragrance, makes it a thoughtful and sustainable choice. As you indulge in the delightful aroma, you'll appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship that went into creating this fragrant masterpiece. Our refill is an ideal presence for anyone, ensuring to transform your space into a haven of tranquility and style, one aromatic note at a time!