Exclusive Guardian Angel Pendant

■ Made from .925 Sterling Silver, a premium type of silver, this necklace is resistant to tarnishing, durable, and incredibly beautiful - it can last a lifetime if properly taken care of.

■ The pendant is shaped in angel wings form and is richly detailed providing a sophisticated and unique look. In Irish culture, it is believed that the angels are messengers of the divine

■ The pendant is measuring approximately 0.88" in width and 0.94" in height and comes on a sterling silver chain that measures 18” long. The necklace comes in an exquisite gift box

■ To maintain this sterling silver piece of jewelry at its best quality, please store it away from humidity and sunlight, in a dry, enclosed space. Take the necklace off when showering or swimming.

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Feel closer to your spiritual side with our Angel Wing Sterling Silver Pendant! This is the ideal accessory for anyone who wants to either get in touch or get closer to their spiritual or religious side. In Irish folklore, angels are considered to be messengers of the divine and are believed to have the power to offer comfort, support, and protection to those in need. Many Irish people have a personal connection to angels and may seek comfort in their presence during difficult times.

The pendant is made from high-quality sterling silver, a sturdy type of silver that is very resistant to tarnishing. In order to keep the pendant in its best condition store it in a dry, closed space.

Our pendant is ideal for gifting, as it comes with an 18” chain (making it a complete necklace) and a gift box.