Wooden Irish Angel

■Our Irish Angel is attentively made of seven different kinds of wood using the Intarsia technique, an ancient art of making pictorial mosaics. This captivating process creates a stunning piece of art to treasure for years to come.
■Designed in the shape of an angel, a divine messenger that symbolizes spiritual guidance, companionship, and protection. The angel is adorned with a golden shamrock representing the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity.
■With 4.33” x 2. 75” measurements, the angel ornament is a great size to fit on your Christmas tree, shelves, or even as a centerpiece for your dinner table. The ornament comes with a green ribbon for easy hanging. 
■A visually captivating and meaningful decorative piece, this ornament makes the perfect present for those who appreciate Ireland’s culture and spirituality. With our lovely angel, you can add some Irish charm to your Christmas decorations.

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If you are a lover of all things Irish and wish to elevate your Christmas decor style, choose our Wooden Irish Angel! This ornament is crafted with attention to detail using the Intarsia process, an ancient technique. This captivating art form involves assembling various wood pieces to create intricate and detailed mosaics. Seven different types of precious and exotic woods are layered onto a solid wood surface to create this lovely angel. Due to the qualitative craftsmanship and excellent materials, our Irish angel is sure to last for years to come. The authentic Irish design makes the piece a must-have for your Christmas ornament collection, creating a powerful representation of spiritual beliefs and cultural heritage. It is shaped like a beautiful angel, a symbol of spirituality and protection. A golden shamrock adorns the angel, representing the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. For easily placing it on your Christmas tree or shelves, it comes with a green ribbon for easy hanging. The ornament measures 4.33 by 2.75” and will perfectly elevate any space in your home. Our Irish angel would make a thoughtful gift for friends and family on Christmas.