Emerald/Black Farmer Sheep Raglan Hoodie

■ 100% Cotton - Made of pure cotton, this hoodie is just as practical as it is cool in style. Cotton is strong, soft, and wicks moisture away from the skin, which will keep your little one comfortably dry.
■ Sheep Design - This hoodie features an especially amusing design that will make everyone chuckle. On the front is a black sheep with fuzzy black wool dressed as a farmer. He’s posed with one hand on a knee, he is wearing an Irish flat cap, and he is chewing on the stem of a shamrock.
■ Green and Black Color Scheme - Both chic and festive is the eye-catching green and black color scheme of this hoodie, consisting of a green body with a black hood and black long sleeves. The green is a tribute to Ireland, also known as the Emerald Isle.
■ Hood - This piece has great style and functional versatility with its built-in hood. The cool, black hood can be worn up for a low-key look or for extra protection from the cold, or it can be worn down in warmer weather.
■ Machine Washable - Making this unique hoodie especially practical is that it is machine washable. This benefit will save you valuable time and energy that you can spend on higher priorities, like spending more time with your little one!

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Have your young boy celebrate his love for the Emerald Isle with some humor with this Boys Ireland Farmer Sheep Hoodie! Made of 100% cotton, this hoodie is one piece that your child will want to wear every day!

Cotton is naturally soft, but it is also durable and breathable, which is excellent for all-day comfort. The hoodie comes in a two-tone scheme with a green body and black sleeves and hood. On the front is a cute, doe-eyed black sheep dressed and posed like an Irish farmer: he has his Irish flat cap on and his mouth turned to the side as he chews on the stem of a shamrock.

This sheep also has black wool on his body that is fuzzy to the touch, creating vivid texture and dimension. Finished off with a hood that will protect your wee one’s head and neck from the cold, this hoodie is a fun piece to add to your little boy’s wardrobe!