Cancer Zodiac Sign 14K Gold Plated Pendant

■Our zodiac sign pendant is expertly plated in 14K gold, a valuable metal that is exceptionally resistant to corrosion, tarnish, and rust. Furthermore, the gold finish gives the pendant a gleaming shine that will catch everyone's attention 

■The Cancer zodiac sign pendant is a fantastic astrology-inspired accessory. This piece of jewelry is a one-of-a-kind addition, whether you purchase it for a Cancer friend or relative or as a present for yourself 

■This gorgeous pendant is enhanced by subtle cubic zirconia gems, which provide an additional sparkle and gleam. Known for their similarity to diamonds, zirconia crystals are among the most widely used synthetic gemstones 

■This Cancer sign pendant is ideal for wearing on special occasions or for daily use due to its perfect dimensions. It measures approximately ½ " in diameter and is attached to a 16–18" chain that can be adjusted 


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Celebrate your zodiac sign with our Cancer Zodiac Sign 14K Gold Plated Pendant!
The pendant is expertly manufactured with a gold-plated finish to ensure its durability and longevity for many years to come. The 14-karat gold coating enhances the piece's shine and makes it stand out. It is delicately accented with cubic zirconia gemstones, a type of synthetic crystal that sparkles like natural diamonds.
What makes the pendant even more unique is its astrology inspiration, being beautifully crafted in the shape of the Cancer zodiac sign. Cancer is connected with the crab sent by Hera to defeat Heracles in Greek mythology. According to various interpretations of the myth, Heracles either kicks the crab into the sky or places it among the stars after being crushed by the Greek hero.
Due to its perfectly proportioned dimensions, this gold-dipped pendant is ideal for wearing on special occasions or on a daily basis. It is approximately ½ " in diameter and is attached to an adjustable 16-18" chain.