Breakfast Irish Weave Tea

■Refreshing blend: This full-bodied black tea is a blend of high-grown teas from Assam and Darjeeling in India that have a rich and strong flavor. The tea can be enjoyed with a splash of milk and sugar and goes perfectly with a hearty Irish breakfast.
■Beautifully designed tin: This flavorful and refreshing tea comes in a gorgeous tin featuring an Irish Weave design that is intricate and vibrant. The tin can be reused or can be kept as a souvenir to proudly showcase your Irish heritage.
■Weight: The tea has a net weight of 1.4 oz. and a gross weight of 3.4 oz. (loose leaf tea), so you have more than enough to enjoy its rich and refreshing flavor for many breakfasts to come.
■Made in Ireland: The tea was produced by Royal Tara, a company that has been producing high-quality bone china tableware and giftware for over 50 years in County Galway, Ireland. 

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Start your morning refreshed and energized with this amazing Irish breakfast tea. This full-bodied black tea will surely help you set the tone for a perfect morning with its rich and robust flavor. It features a blend of Assam and Darjeeling teas, which are known for their bold and satisfying flavors. This tea goes perfectly with a traditional Irish fried breakfast, so if you want to enjoy a hearty meal, this tea is the perfect companion. Besides, it comes in a gorgeous reusable tin can that will make an exquisite addition to your tea collection. The intricate Irish weave design makes it a beautiful souvenir to celebrate Irish heritage.