100% Cotton Emblems of Ireland Tea Towel

■This beautiful and practical tea towel is made from 100% cotton, a material with excellent natural absorbency and durability, which makes the towel perfect for all your daily kitchen needs. 
■The towel has a vibrant and elaborate design with interconnected knots and weave patterns. Its inspiration stems from medieval illuminated manuscripts that were painted by monks on vellum or calf skin.
■The design features four iconic Irish symbols, each with its own unique symbolism and rich history behind it: the Celtic Cross, the Shamrock, the Claddagh ring, and the Irish harp. 
■This practical tea towel measures 29.5 inches in height and 19.7 inches in width, which is the ideal size for a variety of uses in the kitchen. 

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Our Irish tea towel is the ultimate kitchen essential for your home. This towel is made from 100% cotton, a natural material that is durable and absorbs moisture effectively. However, the true appeal of this tea towel lies in its vibrant design that is full of symbolism. It features four different Irish emblems: the Celtic Cross, the Shamrock, the Claddagh ring, and the Irish harp. The Celtic Cross is a symbol of Irish Christianity that can be distinguished from a regular cross by the circle at the center, which is a symbol of eternity. The Shamrock is another symbol associated with Irish Christianity, particularly with St. Patrick. According to the legend, he used the Shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan people of Ireland in the 5th century. The Claddagh ring is a beautiful representation of love, friendship, and loyalty, and the Irish harp is the heraldic symbol of Ireland.