Ireland Loose Leaf Breakast Tea

■Full-bodied black tea, ideal to enjoy next to a plate of a full Irish breakfast. The rich taste of black tea, usually served with milk, perfectly combines with the specific fried foods in Irish breakfasts.
■Our tea is a blend of high-grown teas that guarantee an invigorating taste - you can enjoy a trip around the world in a cup and surprise your taste buds with such a rich flavor.
■The net weight of this loose-leaf tea is 40 g, while the gross weight is 95 g. You get plenty of servings so you can enjoy it for a long period of time or share it with friends or family. 
■Comes in a beautiful tin canister, decorated with an Irish design that features motifs such as shamrocks - lucky symbols in Ireland. The metallic tin can be washed and reused for other purposes. 

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Taste the flavor of Ireland every morning with our Irish Loose Leaf Tea! Traditionally served with milk and sugar to taste, this black tea enhances the flavors of Irish fried breakfast foods, creating a delicious harmony for your taste buds. Our tea is a blend of high-grown leaves, boasting a rich and invigorating flavor and taking you on a journey around the world with every sip.

This loose-leaf tea comes in a 40g net weight and 95g gross weight, guaranteeing you have plenty of servings to enjoy over time or share with loved ones. It is ideal for gatherings or special occasions!
The tea is packaged in a beautiful tin canister, adorned with traditional Irish motifs such as shamrocks, bringing a touch of luck and charm to your kitchen. This reusable canister is perfect for storing other items as well, adding a touch of Irish charm to your home decor.