Welsh Daffodil Tea Bag Holder

■Lovely teabag holder crafted with great attention to detail, from ceramic, a durable material that is both scratch and heat resistant, ensuring to last in your kitchenware collection for years to come.
■Design features the Welsh daffodil, an iconic symbol of Wales that is usually worn on Saint David’s Day. This luminous flower represents rebirth and new beginnings, making this product a beautiful expression of hope. 
■This teabag holder features a functional handle for easy grabbing and placing it on your favorite table or nightstand, making this piece perfect for enjoying warm cups of tea while lounging around your home. 
■Measuring 4 inches in diameter, this kitchenware piece will perfectly fit all sorts of teabags in order to keep your countertops safe from any unwanted spillage. 

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If you wish to keep your nightstand spotless while enjoying your favorite cup of tea, or simply wish to make a unique gift to your loved ones, our Teabag Holder is the perfect choice for you. It is meticulously crafted of ceramic, a sturdy material that will last for generations due to its scratch and heat-resistant properties. This holder is designed with the luminous Welsh daffodil, a traditional symbol that adds a natural touch and represents new beginnings and hope, making it the perfect addition for anyone who wishes to celebrate the culture of Wales. Featuring a functional handle, this piece can be easily grabbed and placed on different surfaces. The holder measures 4 inches in diameter, a perfect size for placing teabags in order to keep your nightstands or tables safe from any spillage. This lovely teabag holder perfectly combines excellent design with functionality, making it perfect for elevating any tea-drinking experience. With this item, you can complete your kitchenware collection or make a thoughtful Welsh gift to a loved one at the next family gathering!