Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Bracelet

■Made out of Sterling Silver for durability and high shine and accented with marcasite for more elegance. Sterling silver does not rust or tarnish, making this piece a lifelong guarantee.

■Traditional design honoring Irish culture with the Claddagh Ring symbolizing love, friendship, and loyalty - it tells the story of an Irish seafarer who crafted the first Claddagh ring as a tribute to his lost love

■The bracelet has a clasp for secure closure and it measures 0.75” by 0.23”. It comes packaged in an elegant box making it a unique and meaningful gift for a loved one

■For the best results, we highly recommend storing this sterling silver piece of jewelry away from moisture and sun exposure. Store it in a dry, enclosed space.

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Get ready to impress everyone while honoring your culture with our Irish Claddagh Marcasite Link Bracelet with box, a beautiful blend of style and tradition. Made of sterling silver, the bracelet is both durable and shines elegantly. Thanks to the addition of marcasite accents the bracelet has extra elegance and unique details.

The traditional design of the Claddagh Ring represents love through the heart, friendship with the hands, and loyalty symbolized by the crown. The symbol is part of Irish culture, making this piece a more meaningful one.

The bracelet is secured with a clasp and measures 0.75” by 0.23”. Packaged in an elegant box, this piece of jewelry makes a unique and meaningful gift for someone special.