Shamrock Spiral Set of 2 Cotton Tea Towels

■Irish set of 2 matching kitchen towels, crafted with utility and aesthetics in mind, from 100% cotton, an absorbent and breathable material that will surely serve multiple purposes in your cooking or tea rituals
■Designed with shamrocks and Celtic Triskelion knots, infusing the towels with cultural authenticity. The three leaf clovers represents love, faith, and hope, while the Triskelion stands for the stages of life
■Each towels measures 26.37 inches in height and 17.71 inches in width, perfectly sized so you can wipe surfaces and keep your tables and countertops clean from any stains
■Makes the perfect present for anyone who loves drinking tea, celebrating Irish heritage, and spending time in their kitchen


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If you love to cook, enjoy your tea ritual, or spice up your kitchen, look no further than our Shamrock Spiral Set of 2 Tea Towels! This set comes with two towels made from entirely 100% cotton, an absorbent material that is ideal for wiping surfaces and keeping tables clean from spills and stains. Each towel measures 26.37 inches in height and 17.71 inches in width, making the perfect tea time companion. The Irish design showcases shamrocks that symbolize the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, as well as love, faith, and hope. Additionally, the Triskelion knots are Celtic representations of the interconnected stages of life: youth, adulthood, and old age. The vibrant shades of green and golden displayed on each tea towel allude to the lush landscapes of the Emerald Isle that have attracted tourists and kept locals connected to the land for many years. Whether you choose to spice up your kitchen aesthetic with our Irish towel set or make a thoughtful present for a foodie, or tea lover, it makes a wonderful addition to any home!