Shamrock Spiral PU Leather Wallet

■Our adorable ladies’ wallet is crafted of 100% PU leather, a durable and moisture-resistant material that ensures this accessory will last for years to come. Polyurethane Leather is a vegan-friendly material that guarantees easy cleaning and maintenance.
■Celtic knotwork and a golden shamrock with a Triskelion at its heart are incorporated into the design. The shamrock is a symbol of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. The ancient Triskelion showcases the interconnectedness of all things in the universe while the never-ending Celtic Knotwork represents eternity.
■The wallet measures 4.33” and will fit into your pockets or bags. The zip closure and compartments that hold your essentials ensure you can easily use them and access your valuables.
■This Shamrock wallet is a thoughtful and versatile present for a special lady in your life for various occasions. This practical accessory carries the richness of Irish heritage and would add a delightful touch to your everyday activities like going for a walk or running errands.

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Hold your money in Irish style with our Shamrock Spiral PU Leather Wallet! This wallet is a stylish and durable accessory made of 100% PU leather, an eco-friendly material that ensures longevity over time. The design incorporates a Celtic knotwork border and a golden shamrock with a Triskelion in the center. The shamrock is an Irish motif that has been recognized as the symbol of Ireland for centuries, making the wallet a tribute to the Emerald Isle. Also, the shamrock is related to Saint Patrick, Ireland's patron saint, who is believed to have used it to describe the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans. The ancient Triskelion with its three curved or jointed segments spiraling from a common center represents the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. The golden Celtic knotwork border, a symbol of eternity, enhances the design. With 4.33” dimensions, a zip closure, and compartments for your essentials, this accessory is both chic and practical. The wallet is a unique and practical gift idea for a special one in your life on various occasions.