Set of 2 Pewter Stag Whisky Glasses

■This set of 2 Scottish whisky glasses are true testaments of craftsmanship, meticulously handcrafted and adorned with 100% pewter accents. The pewter, renowned for its durability and elegant sheen, lends an air of sophistication to every sip. 
■Adorning each glass is a striking stag design, symbolizing strength, grace, and the untamed spirit of the wilderness. As you savor your whisky, allow the stag to inspire you towards adventure and a deeper appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us. 
■Each of these exquisite 3 ½” x 3” whisky glasses has a generous 11-ounce capacity, perfect for those who want to enjoy their favorite strong drink with a friend, family or loved one. 
■To enhance their appeal, the pair of glasses is presented in a stylish and robust presentation box, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your purchase, whether it's a gift or a treat for yourself, while ensuring the glasses arrive in pristine condition. 

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Indulge in the art of whisky appreciation with this extraordinary set of 2 Pewter Stag Whisky Glasses. These glasses feature pewter accents, a material renowned for its durability and elegant sheen. Adorning each glass is a captivating stag design, symbolizing strength, royalty, grace, and the untamed spirit of the wilderness.It is an emblem in various cultures and mythologies, representing qualities such as leadership, resilience, and the pursuit of higher ideals. As you savor your whisky in these glasses, let the stag inspire you to embrace adventure and foster a deeper connection with the natural beauty that surrounds us.
Each glass is generously sized at 3 ½” x 3” , accommodating 11 ounces of your preferred drink, making them ideal companions for those who savor life's finer moments. To further enhance their appeal, this pair of whisky glasses arrives neatly presented in an elegant presentation box. Whether you're treating yourself or gifting them to someone special, the packaging adds a layer of sophistication and ensures the glasses reach their destination in impeccable condition.