Scottish Thistle Ceramic Mug

■Made out of Bone China, a strong, durable, heat-resistant and chip-resistant material. It is considered to be a high-class form of porcelain and also the highest quality ceramic used for tableware, the result being stunningly beautiful 
■The most representative symbol on the mug is the Scottish Thistle. The plant was chosen as an emblem of Scotland, representing Loyalty, Courage, Bravery and Endurance. On the top of the mug is the Trinity Knot, symbolizing the three forces of nature: water, fire and earth. At the bottom is written the word Scotland. Beautiful covered in different kind of knotwork, the mug is amazingly enriched with an exquisite shade of blue
■Made in Ireland, beautifully designed, nicely shaped, the mug is a perfect piece from one of the Royal Tara Giftware collections, Celtic Window Scottish Gifts. Inspired by the rich heritage of Ireland
■The Scottish Thistle Mug Celtic Window is a magnificent tableware that has a capacity of 10 fl oz, being perfect for enjoying a hot or cold drink at any time


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Be proud of who you are and start showing off your Celtic heritage! This exquisite Scottish Thistle Mug is a splendid example, representing the Celtic culture. Entirely made out of Bone China, known as a high-class porcelain, famous for its qualities as strong, durable and heat-resistant and also chip-resistant. It is a high quality ceramic used for tableware. The symbol that captures the attention first is the Scottish Thistle. The plant that was accepted to be the national emblem of Scotland. The Legend says that when a group of sleeping Scottish warriors were invaded by the Norse army, one of the enemies stepped on the spiky plant and his cry woke up the soldiers. The enemy was defeated and the thistle became a national symbol. Along with the thistle, the Trinity Knot is appearing on the top of the mug. Symbolizing the three forces of nature(water, fire, earth), the Trinity knot is magnificently knitted with different knotwork. At the bottom is nicely outlined “Scotland”. Blue is the color that is spreaded the most on the Scottish Thistle Mug Celtic Window, binding everything together. A wonderful piece, coming directly from Ireland having the capacity of 10 fl oz.

The Scottish Thistle Mug Celtic Window is a tableware that should not miss from any Celtic rooted home.
Use any chance that you have and boast with your heritage!