Scottish Highland Cow Tea Towel

■100 % Cotton: This tea towel is made from cotton, a natural material that is renowned for its absorbency and durability, making it the most practical choice for most kitchen uses. 
■Highland Cow: The tea towel features a lovely highland cow design on a green background with Scottish thistles. The lovely cow is decorated in a tartan pattern for an extra touch of Scottish charm.
■Dimensions: The tea towel measures approximately 26.3 inches L x 17.7 inches W, so it is large enough for most kitchen purposes such as drying dishes or serving hot food and drinks.
■Care instructions: Cotton is very easy to care for thanks to being machine washable. 104°F is the optimal temperature for washing towels. Air drying is always recommended.

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Our tea towel is the perfect kitchen accessory for a Scottish household as it features a lovely highland cow design in a tartan pattern with a lush Scottish landscape in the background. The highland cow is the unofficial mascot of Scotland thanks to its resilience and friendliness, which are qualities that perfectly describe Scottish people. The thistle symbolizes courage in the face of adversity, while the tartan has historically been a symbol of clan kinship. A tea towel is a household essential because it has many uses such as drying dishes, handling hot pots and pans, covering food, cleaning up spills, and so on. Cotton is the ideal material for a tea towel because it is highly absorbent and durable. With its functionality and charming design, this tea towel is the perfect Scottish addition to your kitchen!