Porcelain Peacock Diffuser - Lavender & Angelica

■Our reusable diffuser is made of fine porcelain promising long-lasting use and beauty. The vessel holds a blend of natural essential oils with fragrances of cedarwood, a heart note of angelica, and a top note of lavender, an aromatherapy heaven that will transform your daily routine into a relaxing experience.
■The diffuser’s design features the blue peacock, a cherished Celtic symbol of the inner journey, immortality, and foresight. You can reuse the bottle as a storage container, display piece, or even refill it. 
■The vessel measures 3.14” in diameter and has a volume of 5.07 fl. oz. With 10 reeds included and 15 weeks of scent duration, it will diffuse calming aromas throughout your home for an extended period. 
■Attentively made in Ireland, in a Galway-based workshop, this diffuser is an authentic celebration of Irish craftsmanship. Packaged in a lovely gift box, it would make a thoughtful present for those you hold dear.

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Our Porcelain Peacock Diffuser - Lavender & Garden Angelica is the perfect choice for a lovely housewarming gift or a great addition to any interior. This reusable bottle is crafted from fine durable porcelain, promising long-lasting use. The diffuser is a high-quality and eco-friendly choice. Relaxing notes of soothing Lavender surround a heart of healing Angelica providing a unique blend of calming aromas for your home. The fragrances of these natural essential oils will last for the entire 15 weeks of scent duration. Lavender oil has relaxing properties considered useful for headaches, migraines, and improving sleeping. Angelica oil gives a burst of energy to both body and mind. The reusable storage bottle is decorated with a blue peacock, a cherished Celtic symbol of the inner journey and immortality. The diffuser is 3,14 inches in diameter, has a 5.07 fl. oz. volume, and comes with 10 reeds which are great for diffusing calming aromas for an extended period. A luxurious presentation box completes this diffuser, making it a unique Irish gift for someone loved in your life. The fragrances will infuse an enchanting atmosphere in any house ensuring to delight anyone’s senses and bring relaxation.